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Is Renting an Industrial Shredder in Dallas Worth It?

Renting an industrial shredder may seem like the perfect solution to your shredding needs. If you have large volumes of paperwork that needs to be destroyed, a single page office shredder won’t keep up, and a rental can be much more cost-effective than a purchase if you won’t be using the machine daily. However, industrial shredders are bulky and noisy, and create a hectic mess of paper bits for you to clean up. And industrial-grade machines are incredibly expensive, so just renting one can be quite costly.

Shredding Services in Dallas

To rent an industrial shredder you must first pay a flat fee, which can be steep. Plus, the equipment rental does not include labor, so you will need to pay one of your own employees (possibly for multiple days) to sit there and continually feed the documents into the shredder. It can become quite pricey when accounting for the cost of the rental, the cost of paying your employee, and, if you divert an existing employee to do the shredding, the cost of the lost work that your employee should be doing for your company.

To make things simpler, Dallas Document Shredding offers several easy and cost-efficient alternatives to making the costly investment of renting an industrial shredder. Here, we explore other shredding options, including convenient on site shredding and cost-efficient off site shredding.

Hiring a Mobile Industrial Shredding Service in Dallas via On Site Shredding

Instead of renting a standalone industrial paper shredder, at Dallas Document Shredding our contractors mobile shredders are built into commercial box trucks, which run off the power of their own diesel engine.

Combining the power of an industrial shredder with the mobility of a truck, they have the capability to drive directly to your address, shredding your documents in the truck right there as you watch.

The mobile (sometime called on site) shredding process is easy:

  • Simply submit a free quote request by either filling out the form to your left or giving Dallas Document Shredding a call at (972) 372-0686You’ll be speaking to one of our shredding experts. 
  • Locked shredding bins are delivered to your home or office so you can securely store documents that will be picked up later.
  • Overtime you fill up the bins with the paperwork you need to shred, and a professional shredder will come shred the contents.
  • The trucks arrive on site equipped with an industrial shredder built into the back to shred your paper and mix in the paper bits with tons of other shredded files for even greater security. You can watch the entire shredding process to ensure everything is destroyed. The shredding professionals never come in physical or visual contact with your documents.
  • Once your shredding is complete, you’re handed a formal certificate of destruction as proof of when and where your shredding was done. This certificate guarantees that your shredding was compliant with all FACTA and HIPAA regulations.

In addition to industrial shredder trucks providing mobile shredding services, we can connect you to several other shredding alternatives so you can make sure your sensitive information is properly destroyed. 

Cost-Efficient Offsite Shredding Services

If you still need an efficient way to shred your documents, but find rental prices for an industrial shredder too high, you may consider off site shredding services. Similar to mobile shredding services, industrial shredding trucks to come to you. The same locked shred bins are used as with the mobile shredding service, but in this case the boxes are picked up and transported to a secure offsite shredding facilities.

For large-scale shredding projects which require an industrial sized shredder, off site shredding services are the most cost-effective option. Instead of renting a shredder or having a shredding service come on site to destroy your documents, you only pay for the cost of the trip to your location for pickup, making it a cheap alternative.   

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Document shredding is an essential part of any secure business practice, but there is no need to pay to rent an industrial shredder and still have to do all the work yourself. At Dallas Document Shredding, we specialize in making your shredding process streamlined and cost-effective. With a wide range of convenient shredding services to choose from, we’re confident we can help you shred anything.To get started on your next shredding project, just give us a call at (972) 372-0686,or simply fill out the form to your left to request free quotes on alternative shredding services today!

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